Dec 12, 2018 Women's Basketball 5:30 PM CST

NT Maverick Soccer player chosen to represent the New Zealand Punjabi Knights.

NT Maverick Soccer player chosen to represent the New Zealand Punjabi Knights.
Ayushwinder (Ash) Singh has been selected for the third consecutive year as the youngest player for New Zealand's Punjabi Knights, to compete in the 30th annual Australian Sikh Games which is set to take place in Adelaide, Australia. The tournament kicks off 14th April 2017.

The Australian Sikh Games are the premier sporting and cultural event for the Australian Sikh community. The Games are held every year in capital cities and major regional areas around Australia. Athletes and spectators from all over the country and overseas, including New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and the U.K. come to participate in a wide array of traditional Indian and Australian sports and related events. More information about the event can be found here The Games draw crowds of up to 45,000 people over three days, during which 1,400 athletes compete in 14 different sports. Ash has been selected to represent his team in Soccer, this part of the tournament consists of 32 teams and over 600 players. 

Ash spoke about being selected "I am privileged to once again be chosen by my ethnicity and country in the amazing Australian Sikh games. I am excited to play some very high quality of football and compete for the big prize!"

Coach Carroll said "We are always pleased when players are called up to represent their homeland/ethnicity in international play. Ash is a hard worker and deserves all laurels sent his way. I wish Ash and his New Zealand Punjabi Knights all the best in their competition and look forward to having him back in spring practice once he returns"
Congratulations Ash!