Dec 12, 2018 Women's Basketball 5:30 PM CST

Brittany Christian named WBCA J/CC National Assistant Coach of the Year

Brittany Christian named WBCA J/CC National Assistant Coach of the Year

Coach Brittany Christian joined the Lady Mavericks program in June of 2016 and has been one of the biggest testaments to the team's most successful season in school history. Christian, a native of Baltimore, MD, has exhibited nothing less than an all-in commitment to the Lady Mavericks Women's Basketball program. Coach Christian joined the program as an assistant, but also became the assistant to the Athletic Director, professor, and one of the greatest mentors for coaches and student alike on the Northwest Tech campus.

Coach Christian was a pioneer in building one of the nations most successful programs in 16-17 and also became the first Head Coach of the Northwest Kansas Tech JV program, a program erected under the current staff. Coach Christian's commitment to the program has been unmatched. Christian has taken on many roles to facilitate the success of the program. Coach Christian has also served as the driver for every competition this season for both varsity and junior varsity programs. Coach Christian's relationships with student-athletes is second to none. Coach Christian has a unique way of communicating and relating to the student athletes of this generation. Student-athletes confide in her and she is truly a players 'favorite'. 

Coach Christian's success in this avenue has derived from her care for the player, but more importantly her love for the person. Coach Christian's commitment to Mavericks Head Coach Kevin Lynum has been 100% loyalty and commitment to the process and the goals established for the team. Lynum, a first-year Head Coach has relied heavily on Christian and at no time has she ever failed him or the program. "Christian will work 24/7 for this program, with no expectation of receiving anything more. Coach Christian is a humble soul, which deserves all of the great things coming her way. I am very grateful that she is a part of what we're doing here at Northwest Kansas Tech."

Coach Christian has impacted the program in a great way with her ability to communicate and instruct student-athletes to success on the court. Christian is solely responsible for all individual workouts, team shooting workouts, team on court conditioning, and the programs weight training program. With the team finishing the season at 28-2, Coach Christian's expertise paid dividends for the program. Coach Christian has a keen sense of what she wants to accomplish on the court and her presentation is what is most fascinating, said Lynum. Coach is a preparer that comes with details that are critical to team success.

Coach Christian has made an immediate impact since day one in the athletics department. Her knowledge of the rules and compliance at various levels of the game has served as a great asset. Christian is a sponge of information and is an easy person to speak with. Although she is respected for her success and knowledge, one of her greatest attributes has been her humbleness and humility. We are grateful to have Coach Christian here at Northwest Kansas Tech. Coach Christian is one of the most admired coaches on the campus. Her experiences at various levels coupled with her knowledge and ability to communicate with others have made her too one of the most influential people in the Goodland community.

Congratulation Coach Brittany Christian on being named the WBCA J/CC National Assistant Coach of the Year!

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