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Last meet spells wrong turn for Mavericks

Last meet spells wrong turn for Mavericks

Saturday October 25, 2014- Meadow Lake Golf Course, KS

The Northwest Kansas Technical College Cross Country Team competed in their sixth and final meet of the season at the Meadow Lake Golf Course in Colby, KS. The meet was hosted by Colby Community College as part of the KJCCC/NJCAA (Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference/National Junior College Athletic Association) Championships. Once again, only two men competed. They were: Jameslee Banning from Burden, KS (first year Electrical Technology), and Jordan Ball from Bolivar, MO (first year Automotive Technology). 

A total of 17 schools participated in the meet. For the Men's division, there were 12 complete teams. The women's division had 11 complete teams. Teams consisted of the NJCAA Division I Region VI schools, which includes all of the KJCCC schools plus Northwest Tech. 

There were 110 finishers for the Men's Race, and 89 finishers in the Women's Race. The winning time for the 8 kilometer race was 24:43.10 by Michael Kinuthia. The men's team title went to Colby CC, second was Allen County CC, and Hutchinson CC was third. The 5k Women's race was easily won in a time of 17:33.80 by Lydia Mato from Barton County. The Women's team title went to Butler CC, with Dodge City CC finishing 2nd, and Hutchinson finishing 3rd.

Officially, both Jordan Ball and Jameslee Banning had their best times of the year at 28:34 and 29:03 respectively. However, during the race both Ball and Banning were running together when they were misdirected along the course by a meet official. Both men cut around a mile off of their distance, and 6 minutes or so off their times. Fortunately, they weren't the only ones who faced the problem, as several other runners behind them were also misdirected. At least one runner never finished the race. Since Northwest Tech didn't have a team (5 or more runners), our places didn't affect the scores of the other full teams. After the race was over and both men crossed the finish line, Banning said, "Coach, I think we made a wrong turn."